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Idea Center
Have We Got An IDEA For You! (10/1/2014)

ER Latch Retraction & Power Supplies
It's Electric....Latch Retraction (9/3/2014)

Back Door Security In A Box (8/6/2014)

ACDxE5000 EasyKit
Simple, Inexpensive Access Control (7/2/2014)

ECL-230D-VRA Assemblies
Convert your ECL-230D into a Vertical Rod Assembly (6/4/2014)

New Website
A New Look And Feel (5/5/2014)

Don't Open That Door (4/7/2014)

WDE EasyKit
Braking Outdoors (3/3/2014)

Value Series
The Superior, Cost Effective Option (2/3/2014)

Stronger Than Ever (1/6/2014)


Advantex Pulls & Plates
Pull to Open, Click to Learn More (12/2/2013)

Advantex Lever Trim
All Stainless Trim With Designer Levers (11/4/2013)

Advantex Rim Devices
Most Durable & Easiest To Install, Yet Competitively Priced (10/8/2013)

Access Control With Tracking Ability (9/3/2013)

Give Your Employees A Secure Entrance (8/6/2013)

Open, Close & Control The Door With Confidence (7/1/2013)

Door Annunciator or Door Prop Alarm? (6/3/2013)

Great Features, Innovative Options, Easy Installation & Compact Design (5/6/2013)

F90KR/90KR Key Removable Mullion
Key To Removal Is 90 Degree Turn (4/1/2013)

Value Series Electrified Functions
Gain Access, Delay, Signal & Other Valued Alarming Options (3/4/2013)

Advantex Electrified Functions
Using Voltage And Signaling In Alarming Ways (2/4/2013)

EDK Electric Dogging EasyKit
How Fast Can Your School Lockdown? (1/7/2013)


AOD Automatic Operated Door EasyKit
Providing All You Need In One Kit (12/3/2012)

DX Bolts
Hinge-Side Protection From The Manufacturer You Trust (11/5/2012)

EAX 411SK Door Prop Alarm
Manage Your Energy Costs This Month (10/1/2012)

Installation Videos
Easy Installation Made Easier (9/4/2012)

EAX-3500 Exit Alarm
Is Management Controlling the Back Door? (8/6/2012)

We've Got Your Back (7/1/12)

AT-5200 Tailgate Detection System
One At A Time (6/1/12)

Value Series
More Features, Great Value (5/1/12)

Easy as 1, 2, 3, 4 (4/1/12)

Maximum Security at ISC West in Las Vegas (3/1/12)

Advantex & Value Series
The Long and Short (2/1/12)

Advantex Concealed Vertical Rod Devices
Beauty is More than Skin Deep (1/1/12)


WDE Weatherized Delayed Egress EasyKit
Making It Easy (12/1/11)

EAX-300 Door Prop Alarm
Shut the Door (11/1/11)

Detex Weatherized Products
Through Sun, Rain and Snow (10/1/11)

ASIS 2011 Booth
Designed by Customers, Built by Detex (9/1/11)

Installation Videos
Seeing is Believing (8/1/11)

ECL-230X-TDB withstands 10,000 pounds of pull force (7/1/11)

EU/EU2W Electric Unlock Trim
Electric Unlock Trim (6/1/11)

Advantex Finishes
Advantex available in three new Finishes (5/1/11)

ECL-230X-TDB Multi-Point Locking Device (4/1/11)

EAX-411SK Door Prop Alarm
EAX-411SK Door Prop Alarm (3/1/11)

AO19 Automatic Door Operators
Improved Detex Low Energy Automatic Door Operators (2/1/11)

F90KR/90KR Key Removable Mullion
Key Removable Mullions (1/1/11)


Value Series
The superior, cost-effective option: ValueSeries Panic Hardware (12/1/10)

The premium exit device with clear advantages: Advantex (11/1/10)

AO19 Automatic Door Operator
AO19 Series Low Energy Automatic Door Operators (10/1/10)

EDK Electric Dogging EasyKit
Electric Dogging for Lockdown (9/1/10)

Advantex LX/LXV Latch Bolt Monitors
Latch Bolt Monitor (8/1/10)

MS-1039/MS-1059 Magnetic Switches
Magnetic Switch (7/1/10)

90-800 Power Supply
24VDC Power Supply (6/1/10)

EU Electric Unlock Trim
Electric Unlock Trim (5/3/10)

EAX-411SK Door Prop Alarm
EAX-411SK Door Prop Alarm (4/1/10)

WDEx10 Weatherized Delayed Egress EasyKit
WDEx10 EasyKit (3/1/10)

Value Series V50/V51 Surface Vertical Rod & Top Rod Only
Value Series V50/V51 (2/1/10)

Price Reduction For AO19 Series Automatic Door Operators
A019 Series Price Reduction (1/25/10)

EAX-3500 Timed Bypass Alarm
Timed Bypass Exit Alarm and Rechargeable Battery (1/1/10)


ECL-230DxVRA-143B With DX3
Five Point Door Locks From The Manufacturer You Trust (12/1/09)

Purchase Of Model 2000 Automatic Operator
Acquisition of Lockman Peck Automatic Door Operator (10/20/09)

ACDx10xE5000 Access Controlled Doors EasyKit
ACDx10xE5000 EasyKit (10/1/09)